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top 8 moments: cordelia x angel

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Angel x Cordelia + being married

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“What’s all this?”
“Lunch. I was hungry.”
“You don’t eat food.”
“Oh, I can. It doesn’t keep me alive, but, you know, sometimes I get a hankering.”

Cordelia and Angel in 2x06 Halloween

TV meme: ships
↳ Cordelia and Angel (4/15)

ANGEL: “Cordelia has every right to feel the way that she does and I’m willing to give her the room that she needs.”
WESLEY: “Good. Good. I think that’s just the right attitude. Time and space. Those are really the only things one can give in a situation like this. As long as we both understand that, the healing process can―”

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Angel looking at Cordelia

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favorite episode that revolves around → angel and cordelia.
5x12 : you’re welcome

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top ten otps
↳ 1. cordelia and angel, angel the series

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TV MEME ➥ 7 Couples You Ship | Cordelia and Angel.

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